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Hey all,

Wondering if you could help me. Few months back I was going to sell my Yaris, but had a change of heart. I felt it was like selling your own child off :rolleyes:

Anyways, I've got a warranty on my Yaris, and was wondering what is covered (and what isn't), when I put it through a full service and MOT.

Any help would be much appreciated :thumbsup:

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All the bits that wear normally with age, wipers, tyres, etc. aren't covered. All the main bits, body, paintwork, engine and drivetrain, are.

Actually, they've been pretty good with my Yaris under warranty. They've replaced a door rubber twice, a wiper motor and sorted out a gear shift problem. Warranty on mine ran out on 31st January. I'm on my own now! :fear:

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So if they find anything wrong alone those lines you mentioned during a service, would they replace it with no charge?

You'd be best asking them. They should do but to be honest, I doubt they'd find that sort of thing during a service. Worn tyres or brake pads and you're on your own.

Yeah, I got the letter recently but am hoping to change car this year so no real point in me getting an extended warranty.

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