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Gt4 St205 Spoiler Blocks...


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Hi guys/gals,

Just wondering if any1 knows where i can get a set of spoiler blocks for my GT4 - it currently has the low level spoiler - I hate it :angry: How much are they...?

easy to get hold of and are they difficult to put on...?



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Fensports are actualy more expensive than Toyota, they might be £84.90 each on there site but theres still vat and delivery to put on top of that , i payed £192 including vat for the 2 from Toyota, www.cheaptoyotaparts.co.uk sell them for around £140 including vat delivery and fitting kit .


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Fensport = £80 each  :thumbsup:

Come in black as standard, take 5mins to fit if you have the pre facelift spoiler as they just bolt on.


Just out of interest what is the difference between the facelift and the pre-facelift spoiler??? I have a facelift model (see avatar) and I would have thought that the riser blocks would fit straight in under my spoiler???

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The facelift spoiler has the 3 post spoiler ( 1 post in the middle) and the preface lift only has the 2 posts.


hummm.. I'm pretty sure my car is facelift - I've got the clear indicators on the front, but my Spoiler only has two posts.

From looking at it I wouldn't have thought it was added afterwards, the paint is exactly the same and it fits perfectly etc. Maybe they just needed to use some old ones up?? :lol:

Seriously though did the ST actually come with a spoiler as an option, or would you have had to have bought one afterwards?

It seems that somebody may have tried to make mine more like an SR, it has the SR alloys and a spoiler - what else did the SR have?

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