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T Spirit Colour Sat Nav


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I am just in the process of buying a Avensis T Spirit. I have taken the option of upgrading to the full colour Sat Nav. My son has a T3X which has a trip computer. The Full colour option eliminates the trip computer screen. Can anybody tell me if I have the trip computer functionality built into the Colour Sat Nav

The reason I ask is that Toyota Technical don't seem to have a clue, and it would be a shame to loose the functions such as range/mpg/fuel consumption etc.

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I am surprised that the 'standard' sat nav is not colour. Sorry not to be of help but I would expect colour on sat nav if I was paying the money that car manufacturers want. Have to say that being asked to pay extra would put me off the T-Spirit.

Otherwise, I would prefer to buy a plug-in sat nav which would allow me to use it on any car I wished.

Details like this, along with no cruise control across the range as standard and no instant demist windscreens, are a few of the things that a car of this class really needs to have. Having said that, I did read one review - it might have been on www.honestjohn.co.uk - that said that the green, I think it is green, sat nav is easier to read than the colour?

Are you buying new? If so, do you mind telling me what sort of price you are paying? Have you got a deal and have you compared the price to online sites such as www.drivethedeal.com and others? Just being curious.

Apart from that, I hope you have a great car and get immense pleasure from it.

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I have the T spirit with the full color Sat Nav and can confirm that it does have a trip computer screen. press Info button on the handset and menu will be given press for fuel consumption and trip details. note fuel consumption only resets on full tank fill up.

If you program a destination you get a time and distance to destination window on the screen which is useful.

fairly tricky to program but once you get the hang of it the system it has plenty of functions. Hope this helps..

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