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Anyone know of a good website for Skater Style footwear?

Trying to get hold of some new trainers and i usually buy from a place called Routeone but they havent got the shoes i want in size 12 :(

Yes i know....my feet are too big :lol:

Can anyone recommend somewhere that sells this kinda footwear?


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Vans or Duffs are the only trainers I wear.

Around 5 yearss ago, I was offered a job on a major cruiseliner and had to get plain white trainers. So I googled for Van's head offices and contacted them directly. They gave me the email and number of their UK importer. I passed on my query to her and the next thing I know is all the skateshops local to me at the time started stocking plain white Vans.

I later rejected the job offer and didn't get the trainers :ph34r::rolleyes:

Sorry Leaky, I don't have the contact details any more, but google will serve you something I'm sure.

Vans, Duffs, Converse, etc... are mainly U.S supplied so do world-wide search.

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Most skate shops in reading do these kinda shoes man...

Quicksilver do a nice set of globe shoes in a 12 (my size as well), or hard edge or tms. There is a shop near kik sports (the martial arts shop) that specialises in skate wear etc, might be worth popping in there...

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