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Mazdaboy's Rex


Carbon Spoiler  

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having seeing the rest of the car in the flesh i say 'YAY'

i think it blends with the rest of the 'lairy' lines and looks very jap

it looks proper in black and the machined upstands, not these poxy ally extrusion jobs for 3.99 from Halfords

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Thanx for all the kind words y'all :D

If it looked naff after spending that many notes, I wouldn't be a happy bunny <_<

Neither would i.. i give it a yay too :).. suits the car :drool:

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I really like that :thumbsup:

The RX7 is probably one of the only cars that suit a GT spoiler (IMO).

I saw a MKI MR2 on the M1 yesterday with a very similar spoiler. It sort of looked right, but only because it had decals and other styling to suit.

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