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Finally.. New Alloys


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Finally I got my new wheels. in the end to Hiro won as the price difference (between these and my other choice) grew to around 500 pounds! which swayed me.

What do you think? They are 19 but seem to look perfectly suited. 9.5 rear and 8.5 front. I was comtemplating changing the springs and lowering, but it seems to sit nicely at the mo, so hopefully i wont need to.



This pic is pretty big btw so dont bother if u on dialup!


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LOOKING GOOD!!!!! :thumbsup:

But I think its better that you change the adj suspension rather than just the spring IF you lower your car. Due to the age of the standard damper and also its not a hard suspension on standard one.

Anyway if you need any help, give me a shout as i can get the Tein and other brands.

Also becareful of any parking curve....

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Thanks everyone for the positive feedback!

When they went on I wasnt 100% sure, its risky to mess with such a work of art, but now ive gotten over that I can see they look a lot better.

They are slightly nosier and the ride is a bit harder, but both of these are no big problem.

Gotta clean up my old stock wheels now and put them away for a rainy day (or when i sell it - long way off)



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