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Front Seats Nearly Done Lol

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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! There the worst cars out,seriously. French cars are the most un reliable cars on the market(apart from fiat),ask anyone with a pug or dare i say it..............renault.I work next to a renault garage,they have 53 plate laguna's in for completly new back axles,meganes wirh the braking problems.then saxos ect. axle bushes,steering racks. You better prepare for the worst or at least buy one with a %$(ing WARRANTY ! :o :o :o

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I Must agree, before my paseo, i had a 106 XSi (well i still got it, trying to sell the !Removed! thing) Was a fantastic little car, was only a 1.4 but f**k Me was it quick!!!!! Always used to beat cars like 2ltr cavalier GSi's!!!!!!! but anyway, they are very unreliable, was always rough starting up in winter, always in garage having engine repairs, but then maybe thats just the way i drive it lol. and dont even get me started on the petrol gauge, YOU NEVER KNOW HOW MUCH PETROL YOU GOT!!!!! the !Removed! needle is always going up and down.

I suppose all cars have good and bad points, just some more than others.


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I am not a person who makes it a regular thing to put ppl down, but replacing a starlet wiv a 206 is a pure insult. U have down graded, the extra creature comforts are cool but reliability is what u really need.

I was very sad to see my starlet all smashed up, i desperately wanted anuva 1 but i cudnt afford it, so now i hav bought a H reg 1.3 corolla which was 107k on the clock and cost me only 600 quid. I bought it coz its in good nik and i know it wll last anuva couple of years wiv a bit of TLC coz its a toyota and its JAP.

On a positive note, ur starlet looks wicked!! its a shame ur sellin it, gud luck wiv da 206 tho. :thumbsup:

I'll swap me corolla wiv ur starlet if u want ;) LOL!!

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