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Does Any1 Wanna Play A Game?


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Theres not too much action going on this forum today! :crybaby:

Any1 wanna play a game? e.g. Who can find some info on cars on the net the quickest? Some1 suggest some "stat" to find?

:bookworm: :bookworm: :bookworm: :bookworm: :bookworm:

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lol we had this before on a post titled something like test carl....

I'll just post to anything I can that comes up today, the office is dead as a dodo and Im stuck here for another hour or so.,...

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who can find the 0-60 & quater of mile time for a Porsche 968 turbo?? :bookworm:

On your marks..

Get set..

GO!!! :bookworm: :bookworm:

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quater mile speed was 13 secs!! u gave me top speed! Ha ha!

:yes: Oh yes I win :yes:

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Anyway, I've just finished work now so, I should c u all tomorow!

NO GROUP HUGS :group-cuddles: :group-cuddles: :group-cuddles: :group-cuddles: :help:

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grrr at this !Removed! flood control.....

Have a good day, see you tomorrow if your at Japfest

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