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Avensis Engine Light,probably Cat


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My Avensis (2000X, Mk2 2.0VVti) has been suffering from the engine mgmt light every few months. 3 out of 4 sensors replaced. And an air filter that had grown too big. And both of the two available ECU reprograms done.

Toyota dealer now reckons it's the cat that's faulty. (440 +vat+labour)

Usual diagnostic chart - no explicit proof of fault, just eliminating other things.

I suggested checking the emissions to prove it and it's borderline pass (was excellent a few months ago). But dealer's tester is inconsistent. I'll get it checked elsewhere as well.

So I don't know for sure this is the recurrent problem, but even so:

How long should a cat last? . It's had 69000 miles in 4 years, mostly motorway. I don't reckon I've abused it.

If it's not the cat, Is there a way to silence the light myself ? , at least until I can go to an independent exhaust repairer.


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In normal use a Cat should last a few hundred thousand miles, we've never had to replace one and currently run cars upto 150,000 miles and have heard of cars with them still on the originals at over 300,000, although if it went at between 150-200k then I would accept it, but 69,000 is far too early, although it's typical with the Avensis that some things do wear early like VVT-i engines, gearboxes, steering racks etc.

A cat should only go that early if the wrong type of fuel has been used or some other contaminant has got into it, but if it has gone then it might have been a weak or faulty unit from the outset.

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