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Mr2 Gts 1995 M Plate


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I am selling my MR2 and here is the spec....

1995 M plate Rev3 GTS Turbo

Bought in Nov, 1st UK owner

Caribbean Blue ((rare and the best colour)Arguments start here)

Tin Top

Brand new 4X Bridgestone S-03 tyres

Front EBC Red dot pads

Rears EBC ceramic pads

Front ball joints just replaced

Blitz air filter

Ohlins adjustable suspension, lowered by 40mm all round

Samco hoses

Blitz piping

Turbo Timer

67K miles

All the usual Turbo stuff

No ABS or traction, Air Con yes

I have a few pics if needed, I am wanting £6K for her


Thanx for looking

Dave :thumbsup:

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If only you could hold onto it for a year... :rolleyes:

I'll be on the lookout for a Rev3+ tubby next Feb.

Good luck with the sale and don't budge from your asking price. Rev3 turbo's are fast becoming rare due to new import laws (so I have been reliably informed)...

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Your motor looks sweet , I would be tempted to put the price up a little first and advertise it, if the right person wants that car, they will pay what its worth to them, but if no one bites , bring it back down again....

.....I'm off to sell the Mrs car to raise some funds....I'm sure she wont mind :unsure:

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Yeh was tempted to pop it on at a silly price as I am not in a hurry to sell her.

I forgot to mention in the sale spec that I just had a mate fit a Toad AI606 Cat 1 sytem to it, I also had fitted when I got it a Cobra Cat2 Immob which I left in.

Cheers Dave

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