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Hello! I have a 2003 Toyota Sequoia Limited - auto transmission. I've had it about 3 weeks.

Just tried 4wd on the street for the first time today.

The owners manual is very vague about what exactly should and shouldn't happen.

I push the 4wd button while driving. The 4 green wheels on the dash light up immediately and the orange differential light flashes. The orange differential light continues to flash until I release the gas for a second, then it stops flashing and you can hear the 4wd fully engage. Same thing when I go to release it.

The book is very vague on this, but I'm used to the old Ford Broncos, where 4wd would slam in the instant you pushed the button.

Anybody out there with a Sequoia that can tell me if this is normal?



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I use 4-wheel drive all the time. You are right about the manual being vague. But I have just learned it by trial and error.

Here is how I shift into 4-wheel: While driving <55 mph I push the 4-wheel button - then abruptly brake. If that doesn't work- then I go into reverse and it will switch.

Of course- you have to be careful not do do this around traffic. I'm lucky to be in the woods of Northern Michigan where I can be crazy. I take this on the back 2-tracks (snowmobile trails) all the time.

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:o I share your concern. I however find that just giving the system time to engage and moving the shift lever to the neutral position and back into drive works. Although I don't think this is the recommended procedure, it works :rolleyes:

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