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Jap/uk Visual Differences


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Well, my plans for my new car are all up in the air right now. Selling the Rover is taking longer than expected and I'm not sure I'm gonna get the money I want now :angry:

So, I have done all my revision on the MR2 which I'd prefer to get, but I'm now thinking I may end up with a gen 5 GT .... which is no bad thing I have to say. I loved my gen 4 so I can't see a gen 5 disappointing.

So does anyone know easy ways to spot a jap car against a UK spec?

I know there is the GTR which is jap spec, all wheel steer, folding mirrors, different numberplate surround on the back and fogs light with side lights.

Did the Jap market get the GT as well? and if so, did many get imported to the UK?

I would want a UK spec car but don't want wasted journeys to find I am going to view a jap one.

Mr2's have easy visual checks like the side repeater position.

Any help welcomed.

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As you mentioned, the number plate surround should be an obvious giveaway. AFAIK, all JDM cars would have had a squareish number plate recess, the UK cars would all be rectangular (unless someone has swapped the rear panel).

Also, it should say on the V5 'new at first registration' for a UK car.

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So visually, it's really only the rear numberplate panel? and also maybe a square one on the front. The other tips are great too, I'm just thinking about before going to v iew. Finding visual differences in a photo. The listed tips are of course great, don't get me wrong.

I just remember my mate saying the trouble he had with looking for his mr2 turbo. He'd call up and say "Is it a T bar?" and they would say yes so he stressed he was only interested in a t bar and they would again confirm so he went to look at 4 like this and when he turned up they were sunroof models. I just want to avoid those wasted trips.

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