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Fitted Some Dash Speakers


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Hello everyone,

I've just brought some In-Phase XT42 Speakers and replaced the dash ones, but i'm not sure if its wired up correctly or not. Maybe someone could help?

Well the Speakers have 2 wires one Black and one White/Black (dont know which one is positive or negative thats the problem). At the moment this is how i've wired it:

Left Side: Pink -> White/Black, Purple -> Black

Right Side: Green -> White/Black, Blue -> Black

Is this correct? Any help would be appreciated!

Cheers! :)

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Do they work? If they do it's correct! :lol: Right, I changed mine the o ther day, best thing you can fo is check on the bottom of the toyota Speakers, it shows on there somewhere the + and - signs for the Speakers. Check the back of the box, make a note of which wires are for what current. Then wire them up. Wish I could tell you exactly which was what, but I can't remember too much i'm afraid! HTH a bit...

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I have been playing with sterios for years, and have never found it matter one bit what way they are wired.

If they work and sound right, then thats all you need to know.

If its not too hard to wire up, do it one way and crank it up, then change them and see if they display any better performance either way.

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It matters when you're running £2500 worth of Home Cinema Equipment! Sounds really really wrong when it's wired up incorrectly... totally out of phase.

Thing is, in a car, i can't see it mattering at all, as you're not creating a perfect soundstage whereby you can pinpoint the exact sounds... you want an all together rounded aural experience.

This basically means that the sounds should seem to float around the cabin and it will always sound crisp, defined and loverly!

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It can matter, especially with 3-ways! If they are wired to the wrong polarity it can create a kind of crunch on the output from the Speakers - Thats who i knew i'd done mine wrong when i 1st started doing car audio and guessed!!!

If it sounds good, leave it as it is as its probably right!

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