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My Avensis So Far


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Picked up my first Avensis [1.8GS, W-reg preVVT] in late October. Part ex'd my old Paseo, so found the controls similar. Except the gearstick seems to be at an angle.

A couple of weeks after the dealer-warranty ran out, the driver's lock died. Also the Econo-meter display stopped. Both were fixed under warranty [lock needed a replacement latch mechanism]. :D

Picked up a Taurus in-bumper parking sensor to help me park. The Paseo was much easier, but then again it was a smaller car. I like not having to worry about fitting shopping or luggage into the car.

I suffer the problem of misting windows, but clear the car before starting off. I put itdown to having a larger area of class, so I try to remember to pull the sun-roof cover shut before leaving the car.

My next purchase is to be a cd player of the car, as it currently has an old Honda radio-cassette unit. I've found the various threads on replacing the audio-unit, and found them very usefull, as I'm un-confident about those sort of things. Thinking of the Blaupunkt SanRemo unit, as it looks good, and handles CDR.

Car's more stable on the road than the Paseo, and handles the high winds better than the lighter car. That was one of the reasons I went looking for a bigger car. The Avensis fits the bill perfectly.


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