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Liteace Fxv 1.8

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Hi to all.

Just aquired an Imported Liteace FXV 1.8 Petrol, old "E" reg, that was registerd in the UK in 1999 in excellent condition with only 80000 miles on the clock. All the gizmos work inside the vehicle, dual air con, dual heating.The seating is a work of art, those !Removed! do a great job with thinking of all the different combos that you can do with the seats, first class.

But im having trouble with finding other owners in the UK with the same model, or similar as i have seen a "GXL" i think. Is the FXV rare? and what do the initials stand for? I know its to do with the extras this vehicle has, but how does it compare with the GXL?

Also it would be handy to find someone that could point me in the direction of a dealer for parts, an English Handbook and just other owners of this particular vehicle that would like contact.

Thanks for reading.


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Hi Steve

I sell handbooks for the toyota liteace from my website


Here's the direct link that you need


Click here

They look like this


I have also stated to sell service kits for the lite ace

Check out


The direct link that you need is


Click here

All the best


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