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Ra28 Celica St2000


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Been searching for a while here. Seems like I've found the correct place I hope.

Down to business.

My car is a lot older than many others here. I have a Celica ST 2000 1977 model.

This car comes with a stock 18R engine. I have replaced this one with a 18RG with twin Weber 45mm carburators.

The car was running fine for a while. However , now the car doesn't want to start. Whenever turning the crank it always ends up with blue flames coming out of the carbs. Probably due to the car standing still for more than six months. I am suspecting either the valves or the timing. Could I be right! Have dismantled and checked the carbs already.

Also I would like to know if anyone has any ideas for uppgrading the performance/roadhandling of this car. Thinking of suspension, cams, fuel injection etc etc. Also been considering replacing engine with a 7MGTE :help:

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Webers allways spit back, but not that much!!!!! first thing i would do is sort the timing, the points gap etc. c how u go.

A 7M-GTE is to heavy and will spoil the handling + they only produce 230 as standard.... if u wanted a big engine a 2JZ (modern celica) will fit if u move the radiator forward a few inches, but still left with the weight problem. Toysport to turbo kits for the 18RG. All you can fit a 1GZE (think thats what theyre called) in.

Its possible to bore and stroke the 18RG to 2.4 and produce 310-320 bhp with the turbo kit (thats what i would do for the 70's thang)

Also if ur webers were tuned in the winter, then they wont be 2 happy in the summer.lol

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