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  1. 1. Tatoos

    • Yes - Love em - Get one
    • They're ok
    • No - Hate em - Don't even think about it

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i say go for it, got a tribal goin up my arm and along my back and dont regret it, i would be covered if i had the money, they are personal tastes and have the typical stereotype images.but as long as its what your after then do it and you could always get one that is hidden from view for a more personal touch.

just dont go for comedy or novelty, you will regret it, a friend of my brother has a few and all look brilliant, except the first one he got which he really hates, a tattoo of a cartoon devil on his back side!

he was on about getting a keep off the grass sign tattoo'd just below his belly button then dying his pubic hair green, thing is if he gets it then he'll be showing everyone, i mean he has no shame at all. he was showing off his tattoo that goes from his foot along his leg and up to under his arm and he just stripped all his clothes. thing is we were at the metrocentre and i got more embarresed than him, had to hide from him as security came to tell him to get clothed

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Just some Lounge :))

Never written before other topics from 'Auris' here..

Got one small tatoo on left hand))

Here's not finished just to show the scale..




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I don't have any but my wife tells me that THIS looks great


Ooooohhhhhh yes! You gotta love Robbie! :yes::yes::drool::drool:

No I don't ! :ban::lol:

My true love, for ever & ever Is Kylie :wub::angel::band::clap::lol: & I'm pretty sure she has no Tattoos. Wouldn't make any difference if she had :drool:

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How abot to hands coming out of the belly button, and some swirling effect lines (like a plug hole) with :help: written above it :lol:

Another one i seen (in a book i might add) is of a monkey.. it's head was just below the belly button, the arms were sort of on the hips-ish and it's legs were on the inner thigh's... i'll leave it to your own imagineation what the body was :lol:

Erm. How come you saw it ? :o

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