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GT four new buyer!

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Ive also posted this in jap cars, didnt see this forum but i think its better in this one.

Hi All, im a new member also im new to Toyotas, ive just bought a jap import GT4 cos they just look fantastic, its a 1990 G reg, and im just wondering about a few things about the car. Heres some questions:

If i go fast up through the gears the stick seems to make a'crunch' noise as i go up, if i go slow normal like theres no sound at all, it seems to be coming from just under the leather on the gear stick not the gear box.

Also it has the original large stereo took out and theres a gap cos its got a uk stereo in, is there a place where i can buy a facia to cover the hole up?

Also it needs some new brake discs as theres major wobble when i put the brakes on, anybody know a good place to get some cheap! basically a good place for all things toyota cheap! heh.

Oh the long gear stick is something im not fond of, is it possible to get a short one if so where?

Erm anything i should be looking out for or what i can do in the short term to take care of the car? like i said this is my first toyota so i have no clue about the cars whatsoever, this forum is my only help! thanks guys n gals!

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