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Why Indicate When In A Filter Lane?


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Have you noticed when you are in a line of traffic at the lights waiting for the filter light to change for you to filter off to the right or the left that people insist on indicating.

I shout to them (under my breath of course) "I know you are going left(or right) why else would you be in this lane"

Does this annoy anyone else or should I sign up for an anger management course?

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lol it makes life so much easier if people do indicate i find, even if it's really obvious where they're going.

At least this way you know it's not a mentalist who's suddenly gonna change his mind and plough into the side of u! :o

Sam :hokus-pokus:

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It's always better to get o many warnings than have none at all and be caught out....

If more people indicated or gave warnings in advance as Fidgets suggested the roads may be a much safre place to travel, althoughI enjoy spotting something before it happens :)

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I indicate in filter lanes. There's too many numpties who get in a filter lane and then do the exact opposite thing that they should be doing there, eg turn left filet but going straight on.

I agree about roundabouts. People not indicating means either sitting there longer because you couldn't guess which exit they were going for or nearly having an accident because you guessed wrong.

But then I indicate on roundabouts and that confused an old boy yesterday. (He was in a Micra) Indicating I was going to take the turn after him and he pulled out and nearly hit me. He claimed I was indicating a left turn all the way around the roundabout, but I couldn't have been as I was indicating right for some of it. :ffs:

I asked him if he'd ever taken a driving test, to which the reply was no, they didn't have driving tests then. My reply was that I had taken a test, passed first time, so I was probably a better driver than him.

He wasn't happy, bless him ;)

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I hate it when you pull up behind a car at the lights then just as the lights turn green they stick their right indicator on this p**** me off no end !!

I indicate to pull into a slip lane then turn the indicator of only if it is a clearly marked lane stating right turn only so the person behind doesn't pull up behind thinking I'm going straight on (I had to mention that twice as it's my pet hate!!)

I also hate it when people drive along then slam on their brakes then indicate.aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh I hate that !!!


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