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Tundra Check Engine Light


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I bought my 2000 tundra used at 35,000 miles a year ago. Since then, I've acrued 77550 miles. Just this weekend, the engine started idling erraticly-engine power is till there, just that the idling is not smooth like it used to anymore. A day afterward, the check engine light came on. I'm thinking that it's the 4 Oxy sensors. Anyone have similar problem?

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The check engine light or malfunction indicator lamp (mil) does not only light up when there is a bad O2 sensor. OBD II regulations require that the vehicle's on-board computer lights up the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) on the instrument panel when the computer detects a malfunction in the emission control system/components or in the powertrain control components which affect vehicle emissions, or a malfunction in the computer. In addition to the MIL lighting up when a malfunction is detected, the applicable Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) prescribed by SAE J2012 are recorded in the ECM memory.

On the '00 Tundra, the "Check Indicator Light" may indicate that any of 41 SAE DTCs or 21 Manufacturer Controlled DTCS have been recorded in the ECM.

Get the code read.

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