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It's Been Awhile... Now I Got Problems! Seized Hub


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Hey guys and gals,

I have problems with my gen6, I've just taken my car to a garage to replace the drivers side front bearing thats knocking, which itself was a nightmare to find, apparently they are not listed after '94, and my car is a '97. I tracked down a local specialist bearing place to get hold of one.

Anyway the garage rang me to say that my hub has seized onto the driveshaft, they could press it out and stand a good chance of trashing the drive shaft. I told them to put it all back together! lolz Can't afford a new drive shaft at the mo! £££'s!

So I looking for a breakers in the midlands if anyone knows of any, to get a new hub, CV joint etc.. (the whole front portion basically).

So any advice much apprieciated!

Take care all and thanks!

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why cant they soak the hub and shaft with diesel or some kind of penetrating oil , surely it will pop out if left long enough to soak .a little heat in the right place and the odd tap with a copper hammer :thumbsup:

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from a local parts centre I can get the drive shaft for about £150. Think I'll get it, let them try and get the hub out and if successfull without damaging the driveshaft or CV joint return the new driveshaft and lose the surcharge. Sucks but it seems the only way.

I guess they gave up to be honest, they did'nt charge me anything, so I cant complain really. Just lots more hassel and noise for me.

I'll use my normal method of fixing problems and just turn the stereo up louder for a few weeks. =]

Thnaks for the advice, I'll pass it on when it goes back in!

Thanks again!!!!!!!!

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