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Gold Membership....

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Since Gold has started I've had a number of PM's and MSN messages with the main questions being....

"Why should I go Gold..."

"What Benefit's would I get from Gold ?"


"I've got an older, rarer Toyota. Would I still benefit ?"

Hopefully the post below will answer some of these queries !

I've just been browsing through the Gold Forum to see exactly what discounts are available to Gold Members and the answer in all instances is yes. I've manually counted all the various discount schemes and had a look at what is on offer.

Currently there are a total of 55 different discount schemes available to gold members which cover all area's of your car, parts, labour, and servicing, this is not only restricted to Toyota Dealers. For Modificatiosn there are discount schemes with various companies supplying uprated parts and specialist Japanese Parts importers to cater for the less well known cars amongst the group.

Also included are a number of companies that will look after your every need in the ICE Dept, interior upgrades and modifications (off the shelf and custom jobs).

It's not only car related discounts that are available, discounts at top UK tourist attractions and Theme Parks can be obtained through the discount scheme as well....

The discount's have been setup to try and offer as many alternatives to suppliers in each area as possible as we understand different people prefer different places....

More deals are being worked on all the time and will be added to the current list, obviously the more members that join gold, the easier it is to attain those discounts so by joining your not only helping yourselves out but helping other club members as well.

I hope this has shed some further light on the discount scheme and what can be obtained by joining Gold, obviously we can't really mention names of companies that are supplying the discounts but I can assure you that the 55 companies listed offer between 10% and 20% discount depending on what exactly you are buyoing and the cost of the item so it would not take long to recoup your annual membership cost.

Definately worth the £25 annual subscription...

Hope this helps


Sorry it's a bit long.....

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It only works out at £2.08p a month,now that ain't a lot seeing as i'll be saving £230 at just one spot alone :thumbsup:

One of the LOC guys (Si Skippy) saved £1500 in a year through his subscription - some serious discounts to be had from performance / tuning / parts companies in gold.

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i have saved a few quid myself!

one dealer gave me 25% discount one day .. i dont get that much all the time... but was well chuffed that day!

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you boys should set up a paypal account for gold. i bet you'd get alot more members because of the ease of payment (thats how i end up spending so much money on eBay!) you dont have to faff about with posting cheques and the likes. it makes life easier. you should look into it.

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fill out your details first then on the confirmation page it will give you the option.

I do plan to get proper card processing but this costs quite a bit...

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GOLD does everything it says on the pack and more.......

I signed up last week and I tell you all now.........It's good in there. If you spend money on your Toyota you really need to hook up.

What's 25 squid - a few beers, a couple of pizza's.....

Come on..........I'm gonna get my £25 back in SAVINGS in the next couple of weeks..........

Yeah baby....I'm GOLD........

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i definatly will join, just not yet, ive pretty much finished my Yaris and dont need to spend loads on it. but i am im the market for a starlet. when i get that, i may be forced to go gold.

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Just had a look at the discounts (which there are quite a few) .. I didn't know my usual garage was in the list !!!

So after 2 services I''ll have the money back. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

shame I didn't know before my last big service .. I'd have saved twice the amount :!Removed!:

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thats why its worth joining early!!!

I have just had my part arrive from the mail order and I am well happy... saved a packet too!

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