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Hi all

I've been lurking on the celica bit of this forum for ages, but just bought an 89 AW11 for the princely sum of 440 quid. This little fella is going to be the recipient of a 3SGTE, a rollcage and some serious brake and suspension upgrades so hello all my fellow MR2 owners :thumbsup:

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damn boy... that thing is going to be a death trap.. wait a min.. your getting a full roll cage.. nahh.. you'll be just fine!.. :D :thumbsup:

Sounds like one hell of a project.. defo keep us updated... and i want dibbs on a passenger ride if i ever meet you at a track day!.. B)

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Hiyup and welcome.

Check out Two Brutal - Clicky for more information on performance upgrades to the MK1 including (IIRC) a GT4 brake upgrade.

Also for more information on making it a track day car:

MR2 Racing - Clicky Mainly geared up for MK1 racing. Can get costly.

There is a race coming up on the 29th at Mallory Park which I intend on going to (spectating only).

I see you've been around the other forums already B)

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yep, I'm trying to absorb as much info as possible!

Passenger rides are welcome once I work out how to control that much oomph in an AW11! :)

Best way to realise just how far you can push a MKI, get to the IMOC track day happening later this year. Then ask Lauren very nicely if you can go in her car as a passenger or if you're brave let her take your MKI. No need to worry, she won't stack it as she is very experienced with racing MKI's. She also competed in last years Formula Women Series on ITV

The MKI is awesome on a track. At Bruntingthorpe a couple of weeks ago the MKI's were keeping up with the Supra's. Obviously the Soops were pulling from the little MKI's on the straights, but due to their weight and handling characteristics, the MKI's were right up their rear ends again on the corners. I know some of the experienced MKI drivers/racers got well annoyed every time they landed up going out on track behind a Soop :lol:

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