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Im getting some wheels for my celica the weekend, but im stuck weather to have 17s or 18s.

Im having Wolfrace Matrix in the Dark Shadow Flip, But ive been told that 18s won't fit, but i have seen pics with 18s on a celica.

What would be the best choice?

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I personally wouldn`t have either. I had 17`s when i bought the car and on anything but smooth roads (Like the Rally Corsica over here) they were a nightmare. Now got 16`s and it`s sweet. i would imagine as GT4 BOOSTER :P says 17`s will be the more user friendly of the two. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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what gen car do you have? gen 6 can fit 18s with 215/35/18s

Im running them on my gen7 the ride aint too bad, if its a gen7 and you go for 18s go for 225 40 18s the arches on these are huge and u could fit bus tyres under their.

Im thinking of moving upto 19s when ive got a bit more use out of the current tyres.

If u are buying for looks go for 18s cos u will only end up wishing ud gone bigger like i am now

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B) On my Gen 6 I'm running 18's with 225/40/18 rubber. I think it looks sweet on the TRD 30 mm lowered springs. I have been unable to get any pic showing in my signature cause i'm new and not figured it out yet. anyway if you go to


you should be able to see it. I can let you see other pics if you want additional perspective

What is important to you with tyre prices? It may be a good idea to consider that before committing, 17's are cheaper than 18's but if u'r not fussed what look do u want, are u gonna lower it?

I like the full arch look from mine

that's a nice wheel u have picked so it may not make that much difference.. post a pic wen u get the wheels done


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Some Gen 7s are on 19z... thats crazy. 18z would pop right on huh? Rekon that would look the daddy, 17z minimum but gotta go up a bit from stock aint ya.

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Will post pics when i have fitted the wheels.

Not sure if im gonna get it lowered, cuz the last car i lowered, it completly ruined the ride.

It also had 17s and thay filled the arches and looked nice.

Think i will go for 18s, just gotta save a bit more cash for em.

The dark custom flip is an extra £300 but still it'll be worht it for my precious celica :D

Thanks for all the replys

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Hi mate, i was in the same possition as you when i changed my 205 gt4 wheels

from the OE 3 spoke, looked at 18s and in my opinion they looked to large, unless

your after looks over performance, after haveing a good research with other 6 gen

members i put on RVS turbo 8x17 225,45,17 which give a very good all-round

performance and look, and very glad i did as a-lot of the 6 gen gt4 guys say that

with 18s on the handeling can be 'twitchy' on normal roads, hope this helps

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Cheers for all your replys. :D

Im still in 2 minds which ones to have. :rolleyes:

I can imagine that 17 will look small callthese arches are HUGE compaired to my Pug ones and 17 just looked nice on there.

I don't wanna put on 17s and the arches swollow them up, :crybaby: but i also don't wanna loose my ride, at the min its sorta comfy and sticks to the road like s*it.

Thanks again me dears :)

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i have the same dilema :(

i want to fill the arches but im a bit worried about tire widths and that,

ive seen people go to wide and they rub :(

am i right in thinking that 225,45,17 will look bigger than 215,40,17

but not cause any probs?


ps thx for that gt4 Booster, that converters cool, my speedo is fast anyway according to my gps, so bigger wheels should make it more accurate according to that :)

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17's no way look too small! 18's look too big on a gen6 imo but the right size on a gen 7.

Its not only the ride u will ruin by opting for 18's, the handling will go out the window and so will your acceleration!

look at mine:


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Wow, there is a lot of elasticated undergarments being discussed on this thread. I'm sure it is not the firt time you will have heard a lot of males discussing one inch :D but there you go.

I really cant agree with the handling and accellaration claims being made. My bro has his chipped VW passat 19TDI (Star Performance) fitted with 18s and he has said the handeling improvement was unexpected? I care not if you do not agree my bro's car stands as an example

Clearly a matter of oppionion,

take another look I say these are 18s and the car is lowered 30mm. If your not gonna lower it, then wat will 17's look like ?


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my 18's handle a lot better than my 14s, sliding all over since i put the 14's on while i refurb the 18's.

Although u can feel the road more, i wouldnt say 18's make the ride too harsh on a gen 6, still do long distances with no problem.

And they look awsome.

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its common knowledge the bigger the wheel the furthur it has to turn to make 1 revolution , 18" has to travel 18" , which equates to a 16" wheel turning faster , therefore making acceleration better - as for ride quality 16" will always be better as you have the added height of the tyre wall to absorb some of the stresses caused by bumps ,and a bit of give around corners , rather than stressing the suspension due to smaller tyre walls.with wheels and tyres you may gain in some aspects , ie- looks - but lose out in others

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