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My 2003 Corolla T-sport Today

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One more photo

Sorry to be the one to break it to you but some joker has but the stearing on the WRONG side ....



have you foung the dash marks a little to easily esp on the passenger side

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Hi Jake

I see that you installed the quick shift kit. What is your impressions

Is it worth the money? (Btw how much does it cost?). Do you see any

real differences in shifting than before? Is it now harder to shift? Does the kit

also reduces the height of the shift knob?


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Eurocar cruising

Yes, I am from Finland and I would like to join the group with my new T-Sport but....believe or not...I am attending to Stockholm marathon on Saturday...and maybe drinking couple beers after race aboard...

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The black button is for an electric heater, which heats up the cooling fluid before you start the engine when it is cold... You connect it to the electric grid and it heats up the engine so it is easier to start and won´t be as hard on the engine as it would be to start it up if it was frozen solid, well almost frozen anyway ;) We have cold winters here in Finland, up to (or down to) -35 degrees celsius so it is more or less a must have unless you keep your car in warm garages all the time.

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