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Who Was The Fastest Round Combe..


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out of 3 x audi s3, lotus exige, renault sport spider, saphire cosworth, honda nsx, honda civic, rover 220 turbo and me?

Lotus -> cosworth -> renault -> ME N/A Mr2 ->Audis -> rover -> civic ->nsx

i think driver ability came into it with the nsx, but i was well chuffed, MR2 def faster round the bends than the s3 audis!

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the audi's arn't as good as they should be all round..I raced 1 off the lights up to about 50/60 mph and I was just infront! But that Combe stuff comes down to driving more that the car, some people treat it as a race, others are happy just 2 be on the track! :yes:

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