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Got my bumper back from russ recently. (Big up to Russ for sorting it out!!) Rico has spent quite a while prepping it, priming it and getting it all nice... :)

Needs a few more coats of primer etc and being rubbed down.

Click on the below piccys to make them bigger.




Looking good tho. My wings have been painted etc today also. My gearbox is getting finished off on Thursday and my new rear spoiler should be here anyday now!!

I also think the boost issue has been resolved (split hoses).

All in all... the motor should be back on the road by the end of the week, looking better than ever!!!.... :)

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for the time being I am, wanna have some summer fun.

Once the gearbox is in I'll still have to get the Kaaz LSD from my old box put into my new one. But I'm happy to wait a few months until that's done.

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Got jims gearbox in today and glad to say it's working perfectly :)

Also, his spoiler arrived yesterday so thats another little job for me... :rolleyes:

Should be up and running by the start of next week

Oh, and the boosting issue is also sorted, i found a cracked hose and Jim (yes Jim) replaced it so the cars running superb :thumbsup:

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Rico, are you a profesional painter ?

Im gonna be painting my kit when it arrives, if i make a right mess of it, then i'll just have to send it to a proper painters to sort it out ! But hope fully....it will all be good

Those parts are looking good !

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cheers mate....

Also the new gearbox feels miles better than the old one. Gear changed are so smooth and not clunky at all.

All good!!!

Oh yeah... and I was doing 100mph on axle stands just to test it all out... lol.

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