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Got A Turbo Timer....


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Got a hold of a mad looking Starbo G-12 Turbo timer. Comes with a few other mad little box things as well. Wires all have loom like connectors on them, but havn't got a clue how to wire the bugger up.. or where to start.

Anyone ever heard of this TTimer, or got any idea how to wire it up?? It looks very mad with millions of functions etc.


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I have a Blitz TT, and had a nightmare wiring it up when i got it.

In the end i had to buy the Blitz Harnes for my car, just plug and away you go then !! :D

I had the starter re-cranking when switched off the key !!, :censor: the clocks on on minute of the next, stereo on .... then off :ffs: .....gave up after a week, and got the harness for £15

Saved my Day, and alot of effort. :yes:

But basically on the blitz one you have Power, earth, Handbrake, and ignition.

Now the ignition is what makes the engine stay on, (i think :P ) the TT kicks in when it notices you remove the key, and keeps the ignition live circuit on, but some how the stereo is not on, but the dash clocks are. :rolleyes: There seamed to be several ignition wires in the car. I had a test light, but i could not get it working, and i have fitted TT's in other cars before !! no probs ?? :huh:

The handbrake wire runs to the Handbrake, so the TT knowes if the HB is on or not. So if someone jumps in ya car, and drops the HB, the engine cuts ! :hokus-pokus:

Good luck ! - id recomend buying a harness, unless you know someone who really knows what to do :thumbsup:

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It has got auto start but dont have a remote for it!

So can rule out one of the looms then...but which one???

Sod all that

get on ebay...... Turbo Timers There are some HKS ones from £40, and others...we be NEW, have instructions and not 5 million wires and boxes to mash up the wiring in ya car !! :D

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It a US alarm (cheaper is got from the US). So it's not actually CAT approved etc ..

And i think the frequencies it uses are banned over here (but how would people know).

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has anyone looked on google? theres millions of threads started sayin i need help with one of these timers, not one has a reply! but go on mr2 owners club and ask tallbloke if he had any luck with his timer!

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