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My New 2


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hi i got my new 2

it has body kit from rogue systems on it n has big 17" wheels spoke look nice back blacked out windows,momo steering wheel , well nice cdplayer, i cud go on forever but u wud get bored.



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cheers guys i think i will get an induction kit on it first then the big exhausts to finish it off. my other one is for sale round my area so hopefully it will sell.

i finally got the right 1.

i need 2 get the lazy eye kit because i think it looks well good with it on and the quad headlights cos i dont like the standard ones 2 much.

need all the clear lights 2

it needs new wiper arms because they have gone rustiin do u no where 2 get like white onees from which you can buy becuase i dont want to spray them i want them like mint.


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what do u guys think i have a gti uk car and i want twin exhausts

UK cars should have twin exhausts. Looks like someone has already replaced the one on yours?

Looks stock to me... :unsure:

Nice clean looking '2 there chap :thumbsup:

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