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Angel Lights For Yaris

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Hi all,

Im new :)

I've had some trouble :help: , alot really, first I couldnt get anyone to get me any lexus lights, second I couldnt get anyone to fit my stereo, (until I found this side and managed to complete the task, lol) and now toyota have decided that side repeater holes must be 3 inches big!!! (ok, exharation - but you know what I mean).

I need some side repeaters - one of mine fell off and im lacking :angry:

The other thing is, ive had the idea of putting angel lights on car, but I cant find anywhere or anything to show me how to do this?

Ideas anyone?

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Halfrauds do the side repeaters, i got my black ones from there.. £20 if i'm right, can't remember.

Lexus lights you will find on Ebay.. and as for angel eyes, there ARE sets available somewhere.. don't know about fitting or how good/reliable they are though.

Welcome to TOC :thumbsup:

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lo, you not far from me either, i'll happily pop over and smoke your side reapeaters for you.... angel eyes are usuall home made ones in japan :( but hey they belong on bmw's any way :P

side repeaters look like this.


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Hi all,

Thanks for welcome.

And the offers :)

Ive just read a post on side repeaters... and tinting them with tights/PH, (if you could call it tinting) All i have to say on the matter is, hummmm interesting... :blink:

However... I was wondering if anyone had actually done this, or has fitted SMALLER repeaters.

I took mine off the other day and the hole where they fit is HUGE! :o

I mean the the hell were Toyota thinking!?

Does anyone know how I can fit small repeaters without taking it to a body shop so they can cover up the hole.

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i had focus repeaters on ours and filled the holes first but it was all just hassle have put the std ones back in til i get some smoked ones. you could make your own angel eyes for it if u just buy the rings (about£20 quid off ebay) and dismantle the headlights. i took mine apart to paint the insides black wasnt too hard with a heat gun and flathead.

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