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Stage 1 Supra Tt


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Hello every one,

I possibly could be in the market for a Supra TT manual 6 speed, I am a turbo nutter who will tune the nuts off it when I get one :D just wondering what to expect from a stage 1 Supra TT , are tuning parts readily available ?

Also if I wish to go as far as stage 2 mods what turbo’s are a good option I suppose the v6 can spool massive blowers quite easily :eek: also how much torque will the clutch gearbox etc.. take.

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well firstly, its an inline 6 cyl, not a v6!

For easy gains, a decent free flowing exhaust and decat are the first mods to do. You will need a fuel cut defender once the boost goes above 15psi (only £80 or so). You will want to add a decent boost guage so you can monitor the boost carefully. The boost will rise a bit from the decat, if you want more then you can do a bleed valve (cheap but not really recommended) or electronic boost controller mod (e.g. Apexi AVC-R)

With that all set up, you will be running a healthy boost (1.2 bar maybe a touch more, 0.8 bar is standard). in theory thats worth another 50-70bhp or so. Jap spec cars cars have faster spooling but more delicate turbos, so 1.2 is a safe limit for those, for uk/us spec you might want to squeeze more, but you wont be able to go much more on the stock turbos.

Another thing thats not expensive is a cam change (e.g HKS), this allows a bit more power whilst retaining the stock turbo set up.

After that, turbos, well there are loads of kits, ranging from afordable to scary prices. Makes such as HKS, Blitz, Greddy all make these kits for the supra.

The standard car has a lovely sequential turbo set up that minimises lag and makes the car very responsive/drivable. The downside of the big turbo mods is that your going to be trading in some of that for more bhp.

Most turbo kits are one big single, there is a twin big turbo kit, but its a lot of money,

Do a search around on the net, several comapnies offer the kits. Don't forget to factor in the cost of installation/ set up, this can be considerable. Also, once you start going wildly above standard parameters, you will need to change other things, the fuel pump, you will probably want a fuel controller, the injectors etc...

With a turbo kit, crazy bhp's are possible, but if you want reliability, don't expect silly bhp without some strengthening of the engine and gearbox.

all in all the supra is very tunable, expect to reach 400bhp or so without too much difficulty, even 500 is not really that hard (compared to getting that out of many other engines). At this level the car can run on standard transmission quite reliably - although you will want to uprate the clutch!. Above this you might well start to spend some £, but again, its fairly cost effective considering what you get. To get that 1000bhp monster however, your going to need to dig deep in the pockets!

To be honest though, bhp and tuning is only one side of the picture, even a 400bhp supra is still very quick! At that level, on the roads you will probably want to think about other things that will be more beneficial than pure bhp gains alone, such as:

Better wheels and tyres

Better (and adjustable) suspension

Aftermarket traction control (e.g. racelogic, ideally with launch control :) )

Break upgrades (standard brakes are good, but will suffer from fade with repeated high speed stops)

well I hope that helps a bit,



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I am a turbo nutter who will tune the nuts off it when I get one :D  

not before doing a bit more research i hope...

If you want to "tune the nuts off it" I suggest a JUN stroker kit.

Onlt £7,500 from envy, but will give you a near indestructable bottom end!!! :lol: I would when I get my 2JZ of I had the cash!!

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thanks for the information guys, but can you tell me at what level of bhp do you have to start looking at a piggyback or standalone ecu, and what size are the standard injectors?

how much boost if fueling and charge temps are correct will the standard engine take as i do not wish to modify the engine for a while but i am prepared to dump the twin setup for a large turbo maybe t78 i have seen the kits for less than 2 grand i would most probly fit it myself aswell.

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import supras have 440cc injectors.

I'd say anything over 450bhp and your into new ecu territory. Piggyback systems will become a headache above 450bhp.

For 1.2bar boost or higher on an import you will need to upgrade to the UK Spec pump or an uprated aftermarket one. 255lph is the norm for this.


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