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Possible Cheap Project For Someone

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could be nice.

but they should feel free to break it and sell me the kit :thumbsup:

Wow - that's had a hard life! Shame cos it was probably real nice at some point. Interesting about the engine though - thought these were only ever made in 2.4 or 3.0 versions? :unsure:

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its a 2.4

theres a pic of the motor.

the 3.0 is a lot neater under the bonnet.

p.s. i would kill for the 3.0 with a turbo conversion

Me too - I wish someone would hurry up and sort out a model report for the 3.0, then we can all have a crack at bringing one in!

I'm off to Southampton now to collect my 02 Estima from the docks (wey-hey!!), I'll post some pics (or at least a link) later once I've got my hands on it!

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good luck m8.

hope its as good as it looks in all the pics :thumbsup:

You and me both mate! You hear all the horror stories about cars damaged in transit - I'm hoping mine's not one of them!!! :huh:

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