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Seo Clutch Issues

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Hi guys,

I think my clutch is having some issues and looking at getting it replaced, about how much am I looking at and are there any recommended places for ‘good’ mechanics in melb, Australia?

After my 2 months ordeal with ultratune, I am never going back to them ever again (set my car on fire, caused damage and refused to pay for repairs on the basis I can’t proof that they were the ones that did the damage).

I think it’s the clutch… because if I accele hard usually I can 1st gear to 40km/hr and 2nd gear to 80km/hr and the pull is good and constant, after that in 3rd it gets a bit soft on the pull…

But now… I can only 1st to 30km/hr if I accelerated more in 1st it will just make more noise but no more pull… 2nd gear now only pulls me to 60km/hr and don’t really pull on hills…. Sounds like a clutch eh? The cars done 250,000kms and I have only done 50k of those, I don’t know when the clutch was changed last….

Many thanks guys

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went to toyota dealer and got qouted for AU$950 for a clutch job, same job with same parts at ABS is only AU&540... got a few more places to call, car's struggling up some hills now, not happy..........

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$950 au is about £400...meh, not too far off. hah, i know what you mean, my mums uncle had a knackered old mk2 golf and itd struggle to drive up our hill, he'd have to stick it in 3rd and crawl up at like 5mph

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my clutch went on mine recently, toyota quoted me circa £150 for parts, then it was a case of getting it fitted.

if your revs are climbing without the car picking up speed when you press the throttle, then the clutch is most deffinately fubar.

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