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Pictures Being Taken


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i was told by someone today that some woman came to my house today and knocked on my door.....noone answered (i dont know y!!) she then took some pictures of my celica (well 1 i think) and off she went....

now i dnt know what to think about this......could be anything

i dnt think iv upset neone!

doubt she wanted to report me to the police lol coz of the above n even if she did y would she knock on the door before takin a pic....surely she woulda taken a pic n that would b that!

maybe it was just sum1 who liked it?!

what do u ppl think


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Sounds like somebody who just likes the car or is doing a project. I get japanese and yanks in my garden every sunday morning taking pics of the view...god knows how they get here tho its a bugger of a steep hill :eek:

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tis true, i only own the garage....

david hasslehoff is my landlord

Yay Can I keep KITT in there?


id say yes but it would restrict access to my bed!


Not end off random Hijack (thankyou)

So what is the problem about restricted access to your bed :lol:

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