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Hi All,

I need a bit of help really,I am trying to find a decent garage for servicing in the Farnborough Hants area,just wondered if there was anybody on here who comes from this area and where they take there celica for a bit on TLC.

If anyone can help,that would be great


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A good garage will tell you straight, a bad garage will skirt around the issue, wont keep you informed and will do a cack job and overcharge :lol: that can go for a big name dealership and a back street independant, its all in the ethos and how the garage is ran - everything else stems from that and the work done can be measured.

You'll feel better if you can trust someone but trust takes time and you can bitten along the way.

Like anything, the relationship between you and a garage, is only as good as your involvement, you get out of it what you put in and knowing what needs done helps being ripped off.

From experience, a bad garage will tell you 'you have bent rods' before they even open the engine or ask what happened, a good garage will listen to every thing you have said, give you pro's and cons of different approaches, and tell the truth.

Hope get some decent reccomendations. :D

any specific worries or current problems we at TOC could help with at all, just to share experience?

cheers and welcome to TOC :D

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i can recommend silvasurfas garage!!!

where is farnborough neway

Farnborough is in hampshire,next to surrey!!!!!! about 30 from london

i thought so not far from guildford huh i went uni there!

there is this place in maidenhead supposed to be quiet good although i havent used it...depends if u willin to travel!

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