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One For The Girlies


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The more I see the Hoff the more I like him :o :P

Good but sad find (it worries me that you were looking in the first place) ;)

But the other really sad thing is that I will be making that plane later tonight :thumbsup::yes:

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I like a hairy chest - hairy back is a defo no no - and The Hoffs got a good bod for his age!

Yeah the animation kinda hypnotises you doesnt it - its subliminally telling you "I love the Hoff, "The Hoff is sexy, The Hoff has a good bod for his age"  :lol:

D'OH!  :lol:

A little hair is ok to play with but lets not have a forest off it. There is noooooo need for it...... we do not live in the cave man days wearing just loin cloths and hence why men needed thick body hair. (but I wouldnt mind shaving it all off though) ;)

But I still prefer the car any day off the week :rolleyes:

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Gotta agree with that - not that I agree with liking a guy for his car but as much as I love The Hoff, his car is just cooler than cool - theres no way the Hoff could ever be cooler than KITT!  :yes:

Hence my latest avvy :group-cuddles: *SWOON big style B) And Im sorry to say that I have liked a guy purely for his car :( infact I liked his car more than him, :rolleyes: well what do you expect it was a black Gen 4 Celica mmmmmmm. There was just noooooo competiton :thumbsup:

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Lol I asked David "what the weather will be like tomorrow and he said I will ask KITT and I will get back to you" lol I can do that myself :unsure::thumbsup:

And I have been looking at some more off the piccies and I am in lurve :drool: he really is a god :P and all these years I never noticed. :huh: I have been sooooo blind.

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Eww I don't see the attraction either - sorry fellow SOTOC's that do like him..

Definately agree with Kimi as he is way too cheesy!  :lol:

Oh well ... looks like its just me and Em, more meat for us. lol and hair..... ewwwww <_<

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So did you all see HOFF on the Kumars????????????????? :yes:

Talk about shellshock :eek:

GOD he looks OLD!! :eek:

And at the end they send him for a BUS :D

Wish I was driving it!!


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