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Lucida Air Conditioning


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I have had my lucida for 5 years . As the hot weather has come in I have tried to use the air con and cool box . These have packed in . The air con button light is not coming on but the light on the cool box is . Im wondering if this is a fuse problem or if the actual aircon has died . If anyone else has had this problem and it is a fuse can anyone let me know its location . I have checked the fuses in the foot well on passenger side but all seem ok .

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Have you looked in the engine bay at the aircon pump to see if the clutch in engaging on the pump when you switch it on??? In not check for any fuses, if they check out ok it looks like you are low on gas!!! (the system shuts itself down to prevent damage)

if you are getting it gassed I strongly reccomend fitting a new receiver/drier, and gatting the system vacumed down to remove any moisture... I just payed £110 to have my system gassed and found the aircon still doesn't work as the receiver dryer is shot and has moisture in it!!! :ffs:

These systems are very sensetive, and it any muppet mechanics have worked on the engine and disconnected the aircon system without plugging and sealing any discionnected pipes, the R/D will need replacing, and the system vaccing down...


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