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Lever, Flaps, And Cables


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Here's one for the experts.

I have a persistant problems with the release lever for the fuel filler cover (the thing next to the boot release under the driver's seat).

The problem is thus..... the cable is held in place by a plastic bracket just behind the leaver and hidden under the floor of the car. The bracket holds the outer sheathing of the cable in place so that the lever can operate the internal metal wire.

Every few times I operate it the cable pops out of the bracket leaving the lever inoperable. I then have to take out the driver's seat and take up the carpet and pop it back into place. I have managed to get this down to under 15mins, but it is a real pain.

I have considered putting a bit of tape around the cable to make it thickers and so it holds tighter, I have also thought about recklessly no-more-nailsing it in place. But I am reluctant to do anything that may end up breaking the bracket - it looks near impossible to replace and it also holds the cable for the boot release.

And yes, I have also tried being gentle with the lever but it still keeps happening. :D

Has anyone come across this, or got any ideas?

P.S the first time this happened I had no idea what was going on and was 30 miles from home nearly out of petrol so I ended up having to strip all the interior out the boot and wedging my hand up inside the body to operate the filler flap by hand. :D As with all things, once stripped out the boot interior never quite goes back perfectly. :censor:

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sounds frustrating.

if the bracket cant be replaced, then a dollop of no nails/araldite won't harm - if your condfident that will do the trick nd hold cable sheaf and bracket in place - its only the cable that needs to move.

no nails/araldite is good stuff, just make sure you give it 24-48 hours to fully set before trying the function.

of course changinf the bracket - if its faulty, would be the best result.

get from from a scrappers - the cables pop out of the release levers and I expect the bracket slide ride out.


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Ah ha, case solved......I think :thumbsup:

When I too the carpet up this time a spring had worked its way into view. This holds the lever on to the bracket and had come off at some point in the past.

Whst is even better, by stripping the carpet back further I found bolt whick holds the whole bracket in place and when taken out allows the whole thing to be removed.

Spring re-fitted, lever now looks solid, case solved :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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