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Just thought I'd pick your brains.... All your brains together make a big brain.. so lets get picking....

AS some of you may or may not know, I recently put a new engine in Milly's Supra...

I used the findapart service as I have done many times before to source the engine in a scrappy, I called up, bought yhr engin for £299 plus vat and delivery, comming to £393.63..

For fitting the engine I took the head off, cleaned everything up, made sure the pistons looked ok, clean etc, fitted a new headgasket, went throguh the mkiii supra head torquing ritual to make sure the bloodt thing stays intact and blown headgasket free, I had to buy new mounts (at £117 each!) as they nearly always snap on the later cars and put the engine in...

On installing I noticed. -The turbo had serious cracks on the exhaust housing and was shot, the engien was NOT a late spec 1991.5 on engine, but a pre facelift <'89..

On installing it and starting it the thing sounded ROUGH, very vlattery, (both top AND bottom end) - no way has this engine done to 85k miles they told me it had... the head makes a serious tapping.. (granted the shims have not been done, but this soudns worse then that!) I figured I'd run it around a bit.. see if it got any quieter, as it may have been sitting for a while... No change, at idle the Oil presure barely registered.. this engine is a pig!!! (also noticed the PAS pump was shot too) Yesterday I compresion tested it... cylinder no. 6 is reading half what it should....... :ffs:

Now, the engine is still under waranty... So I intend to call up. however even if they do say "sent it backm you can have a refund" it will not cover the parts and labour put into installing it!!! The car at least goes (for now.. ) I just hope when ti does go, it doesn;t take out the nice hybrid turbo we installed... (we had no choice as the other turbo was :censor: ed.

I am intending to call up explain the situation, point out that sending it back is no use, the engine is worthless anyway, and its cost me more in parts then the engien cost to install it (and labour, of course ;)) do they want to come to some kind of agreement on price? If they are unc operative, tell them that all the faults are logged, it was not sold as described, cancel the barcleycard payment and tell them they have my address, sue me and see who wins in court.

Would that be the best plan of action or does anyone have any other ideas????


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