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Hi all

My wife and i have a July 2004 T-Sport, and we have a problem withthe cars performance,or lack of.

I have spoken to Customer services/technical dept, but they have put this back to the garage.

The car starts O.K either from cold or hot. But there is No power at all the engine dies for a mille second then power comes back.

It has been back to dealership on a number of times, at first they could not find fault. They checked out Engine Mgnt system no problem found.

Then on checking VSC and Traction control it showed an error, they spoke to Toyota Technical, they suggested changing the Senor in VSC, this they have now done Fri 1st July problem is still there.

This problem was only noticed after its 1st service done on 21st June.

Dealership now wish to keep the car for 2/3 days.

Can anybody help

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Hi Charles Lea

First of all welcome to the club. Well this does sound really strange mate. At least Toyota have found a fault and are prepared to take the car in for a couple of days to try to sort out the problem. But this does sound light something to do with the engine management system to me. I'm not no mechanic but it seems like that.

Once they have put the car right mate come back on and tell us all what the problem was as this could come in quite useful to know :thumbsup:

Good luck with the repairs mate and i hope you get you car back on the road soon.


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