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Anyone see the first episode yet?

Oh dear oh dear...

Tim Westwood needs to grow up. He's not Xhibit and even Michael Jackon is more black than him.

And as for Carisma, their stuff is always top notch quality, so why do they feel they have to try and be 'West Coast Customs UK'?

It seems like everyone involved in the show decided to take the American one and copy it 100% exactly, right down to cheesey acting for the cameras. Hearing the phrase "awesome rims" done in an East coast accent sounds ridiculous. And as for 'Biff', the accessories guy who's 'our' Big Dane, that's even more sad.

Such a shame, could have been a passable show too.

They should ditch Westwood for someone less fake.

Oh, and Jamie Shaw should sort his hair out. :lol:

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Just watched the second one of the series...

Mark 2 Golf

To be honest aside from the dodgy clusters on the back, the unnecessary three stripes on the bonnet, his number and name on the roof, the car was alright! :yes:

For the first ten minutes aswell, Westood spoke like a half normal person?!! obviously this didn't last!

Went back to schizo vicars son/gangster rapper mode...

Anyway, next ones a heubik! :P

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