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Super Extreme Vitz

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that vitz has been on there for years. yashio factory vitz it is. thats the pink i want my yaris :) tsuchiya (drift king) said it power oversteered and that it was very fun to drive. i had the option magazine it was featured in with a dvd of it,

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Right well if somebody can correct me if i'm wrong, that isn't a 1.0l. It's a 1.5RS. Just look at the position of the airfilter in relation to where it connects to the engine. The 1.0l is on top.

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Seen that pink Yashio Factory one loads of times.....

The pink hurts my eyes! It needs to be a lovely blue colour - I'll even get my spray can out for them!  :lol:  :thumbsup:

no way!! pink pink pink!!! oh the interior indicates that it is a t sport (RS) because of the dials. however i have seen somewhere it is a 1 litre. very odd. but then again at 160ps with supercharger it sounds about right if it is a 1.5

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