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Gs Engine Rebuild Or Recon Engine

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ok my 1.6 gs, with 54k on clock is burning 1 litres of Oil per 300 miles. i only had it for 2months and since done 2k on clock. i took it to a garage who checked it for me and said 1 or the cylinders have gone as the Oil was showng up on the 3rd spark plug. and causing it to burn black smoke ou of the exhaust. the solution was to take the engine apart and check and replace all the cylinders,cam belt and etc... costing anything above £1500 at least. my 3 month non toyota warranty only covered upto £500 claim. so i tell the garage who sold it to me and he says that quote is ripp off and he will try to ring round for a recon engine. i am still shocked that a corolla with this milage have this problem. will a recon enigine be any good as these could be much higher milage engines popped straight into my car. i am hoping i can just get my money back from the garage. and get another decent corolla. i only noticed this problem 2 weeks after i bought the car, when the Oil light came on so this problem must have been there before i got the car. does anyone no if i can get this problem sorted out cheaper and if recon engine is best route, as i am assuming i will have problems forcing the company to give me back my money. thanks

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a used 4a-fe cost around 300 over here, but if you do go for an engine i suggest u take the chance and get a 4age in there better if you get a 20 valave from the levins.

well i'm not after more power as such yet just want a good reliable corolla. i agree the gti engines are good i had a 1989 gti almost from new for 6 yrs and it was solid and fast for a 1.6 n/a. i have been quoted between 300 and up to 500 for a 4afe engine plus about 200 to fit. all say their engines are in good condition, i am wondering if its just a engine straight from a write off and wot milage its done, would havin my engine rebuilt be the best bet than chancing a straight swap?

thanks, i plan to only put 17 in wheels on and maybe tte spoiler and front lip, not lookin to increase power just more looks. thanks

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