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Need Power,weight Lose Etc.&gd 1/4 Times

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I am currently looking wanting to modify my starlet, but being the unheard of car it is I am struggling to find any were that does any specialised stuff.  i know its not impossible as I have seen it done on these cars but to save time and get the best recomended sites I thought that a few people out there must be able to give me and others some useful advise!! Please help.

;) I hear that! Good news I've got away with head gasket N only thing I've fried is my FAN SENSOR SWITCH!

Any ideas guys with of the three control the fans cut in?

Cause that is the one thats not working! Thermo (well new one is letting coolent through, other is telling my gages what temp it is but fan not wanna cut in (so have amnnual fan on back up).

Right now minnor s**t over with how can I reduce my spool up time and get my 1/4 miles down cause want my good friend who killed me at santa pod! I want him to laugh on other side of his face!

I did 15.4 in the hottest of hot heat n he ran a ***** takeing 13.8!! & yet he doesn't know his BHP or FT LB mine was 182bhp and 176 ftl bl not sure if fly wheel or what but guessing it is from 1/4 mile times 1.8 years later (really need new rolling road session).

What do I need to do to my GT turbo to get it down to 13 flat bearing in mind I run 17" (i Konw too big for 1/4 but look so good!)also have full interior including AC!

Want to keep ac but everything else gotta go!

Just put my four 12" subs & amps etc...in my all show no go car, so what else!

Got about 3-4K to spend N don't want AMG 55's to get passed unless over 155mph (I know you need big CC for top end) I live in MK home of DamlerChylser N there every where most of em cant take a corner for s**t but if they could god help us!

What do I need to buy, make, fit, spk too etc....

Thanks guy!!!!


NE one know who own's the yaris turbo in MK gray/silver one?

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Bro you can get nearly 180 bhp using standard turbo and standard internals.

Dont know what mods you have but you need:

Air filter, relocate of turbo or behind headlight for cool air.

De cat and full system 2.5 inch

Custom mani (less restrictive, as standard one is ****!)

Frount mounted intercooler, 2 inch piping,


HKS actuator

Boost controller

Fuel Pressure reg

Uprated fuel pumps

Fuel cut defencer (not hks)

But as you have money to spend you might as well get a boost controller coupled with an air/fuel computer. like greddy emanage + profec boost controller. Then you dont need fcd.

This all needs to be setup on a dyno by people who know what thare doing, giving you a safe setup. You cant guess the air/fuel. It has to spot on.

With maybe 14-15 psi (any more and ct9 is not very efficient) you should be nearing 180 bhp atw.

With a well setup chassis, strut braces, lowerarm bars, whiteline anti lift/castor kit, adjustable shocks so you can soften them for the 1/4 mile! Uprate clutch, maybe 35%, maybe fly if you have the money and maybe get a short shifter.

+ strip out back seats and any <the spuds of lurrrrvve>s like a/c and good soft low prof tyres, and smaller wheels. i gone down to 14's. + good driver!!!!!

The cars are so light, and 180 gives it a very good power to weight ratio.

Running more than 200 is poss with bigger injectors, turbo, but problems of traction come into the equation, then it gets expensive with diffs, gear boxes, clutches going etc!!!

I dont think there is much point when the car has so much potential with the right mods! But with all this you would have a real track weapon!

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