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Music For The Avensis Driver

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Having recently acquired a brand new Avensis (v. satisfied so far) I've been noticing that the sound system is pretty decent. Thought I'd better buy some CDs to stick in the changer -- left my stuff behind in the UK 8 years ago, work and kids have meant that enjoying the simple things in life, buying music or a new wardrobe have been off the menu for quite some time.

Anyway, apart from the best of the 80s type stuff and ELO (blush), I somehow chanced across and purchased this:


Out of all the CDs I bought, it's the one that I look forward to hearing most!

So what else are people listening to? (of all ages). I'm so out of it that I don't know/remember what's good. Any recommendations for an Erasure/Tears for Fears/Simply Red style compilation?

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Big Country

New Order

Lightning Seeds


Jean-Michel Jarre


Bon Jovi

Dire Straits

Franz Ferdinand

That will be me being kept away from the JAE jukebox then.

I can't make my mind up.. got over 20,000 tracks on the pc now, and deleted 30gb worth this morning.

But in the car just now.. it Big Country thats on most, brilliant guitar band.

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