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Right, my little plan this month is to fit a new lower front spoiler and some fogs. Have already bought some fogs, now it's a toss up between two front spoilers.

1. The TTE


Fogs will be moulded into the holes (i.e. the spoiler itself will be a one off)

2. The Veilside (Replica)


Once again the fogs will be moulded into it. So which do you reckon?

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I'm voting veilside as I don't think any one on here's got the veilside front, but there are a few with the TTE front.

As for the replica it's just cheaper, but they do a whole front bumper and an addon, there's on on ebay


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I asked myself this question when i was getting mine. And these were the 2 i had in my mind.

In the end, after having a long hard look at them both, i ended up liking the TTE more as it looked a little more aggressive with that lip and the bigger side vents than the veilside. Also it will look more complete with the rest of the veilside kit than the veilside front spoiler imo!

But what ever you do, it look ace regardless! :thumbsup:

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Right as for the maltese person. if you wish to give me the cash for an RS, i'd happily buy one. It's my first car, and have only been driving 6 months now. So i'm just getting a feel for things. Besides, it's a hobby! I'm leaning towards the TTE one mainly on the cost factor, that the Veilside replica on is 150 quid and the TTE ones go for peanuts on ebay now. So could also afford other mods :P Hmmmm...I think it's gonna be TTE

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