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Fitting Toyota Cd/satnav/rad Tilt Display Unit

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I am new to this forum - apologies if i my post is incorrect in any way! just bought a standard 2003 t sport. I want to replace this headunit with a toyota tilt display unit that has color screen for sat nav.

My questions:

Will it just be a case of taking out the standard rad/cd and slotting the satnav unit in? Or will i need a new fascia?

Does anyone know if the radio, cd, and driver info system will work - ie the cablings at the back will just "plug-and-play"?

If i wanted to make use of the satnav what else would be needed? or is it all built in?

Thanx for any help/pointers/suggestions

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Thanx man-bing for getting back on this

the unit i got to put in is a toyota all-in-one cd/cass/rad/satnav unit from a 2003 corolla. this the touch screen units that have a color screen that tilts to expose the cd and cassette slots. This looks like a 2 DIN unit too

I want to use the above to replace the standard cd/rad that is in mine - it looks better.

What i want to know is will the connectors just plug-and-play?

Will the cd/rad/cass and the driver info systems work?

Will i need a new vent fascia bit - cos the screen unit sits abit further in at the bottem end than the standard unit?

I have already done some research and i think the gps bit wont work - i will need an extra aerial, connectors and the dvd module

Thanx fro any help

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From the sounds of it, yeah, all of will work apart form the Sat-Navi part, the main unit (eg CD radio) will work as normal, and it should be ok with the trip computer that is part of the unit as well, don't think it was on a seperate display.

With the Sat-navi part, yeah you will need extra bits for it, so the car and GPS computer can work out where you are on board

That should be right, if anybody out there has other ideas, feel free to correct me :thumbsup:

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HI - yeah ive done the same thing and mine works - you just take out the old one and slot in the Screen - i also have the external unit and the gps ariel but unfortunately no wiring loom.

If anyone has this standard in thier corolla and they are willing to help me out - please contact me.

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nice one guys

But wouldn't u need a new housing - ie the fascia with the vents. comparing the look of the standard radio with those that have the full color screen, it looks like there will be exposed bits on the insides when you tilt the screen? Or isnt this the case?

thanx for getting back to me - i had another post in audio/video section regarding the full screen unit regarding pre outs - any help there?


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