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Yaris Verso Wind Noise


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Hi folks

I find on my new (to me) Yaris Verso, that with both or one window open reasonably wide, there is a lot of wind noise, as well as a sympathetic vibration effect within the car.

I am hoping that door wind deflectors would be helpful, and have seen two online suppliers here in Uk for these.

Has anyone found deflectors to be useful?

Best wishes


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Yves (Yvvan) has them on the T-Sport and I have to say they do reduce the Wind Noise..they cost around £45/£50 & he got them from our Local MrT dealership :thumbsup:

Plus they allow you to leave the window open a little bit at the top and nobody can get in. They also channel away water from the windows too so when you are driving in the rain you don't get as wet as you would in a car without them.


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I thought it was a more american thing really... Although i have noticed several of the big jap trucks seem to have them... they were on a extra list i have for £55 i think, but then again that's for a yaris, so could be different...

I just think they're a lil ugly... Practical.. But still

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I've seen the ones on 4 x 4's which stick out and they look ugly, but the ones on the T-sport are flat against the door of the car which doesnt spoil the look as much as the ones that really stick out on the 4 x 4's do.

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I have got a Yaris Verso, I have found a company on ebay that are selling wind deflectors for the front only, for £9.00 + postage. I have considered them, but not quite sure.

I don't understand why Yaris drivers have got a problem with the Verso version my car is beautiful, she has just had her windows tinted and she is looking mighty fine now.



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