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m4rk scotland

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i sed this site www.carwatchuk.com to check out the reg number of a car im going to look at and it said to cll the call centre vin not found...

so i thought ok well it is an imported car. mr2 tubby, but i went on autotrader to get another tubbys reg plate and it came up when i entered the reg number... should i be worried. the car im looking at is at a dealerships..

replys very welcome please

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i did try another car. i tried another car from autotrader. it was an imported tubby as well....

dealer says to me he has all the documents INCLUDING JAP HISTORY v5 + import documents etc.

just thought it was wierd that this check thing didnt show the car.

(on a related note it showed my old 306petrol as a 106xrd!!)

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Really dont know mate but i'm sure its only because its an import.

is i a fresh import? if its just come into the UK it could just be that its not on all the data lists???

I'm guessing here, can you tell? :D

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I wouldn't trust any of the Free Online Services (if it were free or even the cheep ones) - where are they getting the information from? How can they give it away free (or charge not much) when they need to pay for it themselves?

When Nicola bought her Scooby we obviously got a full AA inspection with report and an HPI - paid a lot of money for it all to be done. Even then it showed up outstanding finance secured on the car! We queried this with the owner who swore blindly that the loan had been paid off early. We contacted the AA again and asked them to double check and it came up clean.

Use the The AA or HPi :thumbsup:

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