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43 Mpg On A Gt


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Ah now the catch. This weekend i had to drive around on the space saver (waste of space) This was due to one of my alloys leaking air and could not get it fixed. As you will know the space saver is 50mph max.

Well over the weekend i did 330 miles. 140 of which were with my normal alloys with alot of right foot action. the remaining 190 were done at 50 Mph :( took me 3 hours to do a 1h 45 min journey :crybaby: well any way i used 40 litres 8.8 galon . which works out at something like 37 MPG avg. but for the first 140 miles i would have got about 30mpg maybe 31mpg max. So this works out at doing around 43Mpg. But thats at a a constant 50mph slow acceleration.

What i cant understand are the people that drive at 50 all the time and say fast drivers are dangerous. I was so bored its unbeliveable, i could have fallen alseep so easily. Grrr

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That's quite impresive, though understandable.

I agree wrt falling asleep. I often think as you cruise down the motor way passing all these slow moving cars, why are you driving so slowly?!? Fair enough, keep to the speed limit, drive sensibly but you being overtaken by lorries in cars that are more than capeable of cruising along at 70!

I tried it once, keeping my speed down to 50 to see what mpg I could get. After about 10 minutes, I realised I was already doing 75 without really thinking of speeding up. It takes such effort to drive so slowly, I'm sure these drivers will crash due to fatigue!


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try doing 30 mph and we all spend more time looking at the speedo and not on the roads , also have to be in third gear doing 30 in my gt4 or it trys to stall in fourth. :ffs:

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